A sea urchin army is mowing down California's kelp forests – but why?

A sea urchin army is mowing down California's kelp forests – but why?

Kelp is a keystone in the ocean ecosystem. It's not entirely clear why the urchins have taken over, but there's optimism that the kelp devastation is temporary.
Minnesota's 100 percent clean energy bill
MPCA Photos/Flickr

Minnesota is poised to pass an ambitious 100 percent clean energy bill. Now about those incinerators…

Environmental justice advocates applaud the legislation, but say there’s more work to do on environmental justice and energy equity.

Sunrise in the woods

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Meet the group sharpening the GOP attack on 'woke’ climate policies

Consumers’ Research, bolstered by millions in donations and the GOP takeover of the House, targets Wall Street’s evaluation of climate risks.
Recession resilient’ climate start-ups shine

‘Recession resilient’ climate start-ups shine in tech downturn

Tech workers and investors are flocking to start-ups that aim to combat climate change.

US lawmakers press to remove oil boss from leading COP28 climate talks

Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber’s role as CEO of national oil company ‘risks jeopardizing climate progress from successive U.N. Climate Conferences,’ said the letter.
California’s trees keep dying as temperatures rise
Dan Brekke/Flickr

In a warming world, California’s trees keep dying

That could doom the state’s plan to fight climate change with the help of nature.

Death in the marshes: environmental calamity hits Iraq’s unique wetlands

Rivers and lakes that have nurtured communities since civilisation’s dawn are drying up, as drought leads to hunger, displacement and simmering conflict.

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oil and gas wells pollution

What happens if the largest owner of oil and gas wells in the US goes bankrupt?

Diversified Energy’s liabilities exceed its assets, according to a new report, sparking concerns about whether taxpayers will wind up paying to plug its 70,000 wells.

Paul Ehrlich

Paul Ehrlich: A journey through science and politics

In his new book, the famous scientist reflects on an unparalleled career on our fascinating, ever-changing planet.

oil and gas california environmental justice

Will California’s new oil and gas laws protect people from toxic pollution?

California will soon have the largest oil drilling setbacks in the U.S. Experts say other states can learn from this move.

popular stories 2022

Our 5 most popular reads from 2022

A corpse, woodworking dangers, plastic titans ... revisit the stories that stuck with our readers this past year.

Pittsburgh environmental

What I learned reporting on environmental health in Pittsburgh in 2022

For a lot of people, 2022 felt like the first “normal” year since 2020. It didn’t for me.

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