climate disaster impacts real estate
Photo by Hans Isaacson on Unsplash

Climate change could change property values, real estate

Not every home buyer is diligent about evaluating the potential risk of a weather-related disaster, but that may change in the future.

Lucie Drummond: The beginning of our new lives?

There's no silver bullet to decarbonise the whole economy; it will require multiple answers, working in tandem.

Sunrise in the woods

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B.C. salmon abundance ‘a sixth’ of what it was half-a-century ago: Study

Catches of wild pacific salmon on the Fraser, Skeena and Nass Rivers are only a sixth of what they were half a century ago, according to a new study from UBC.

Kenya: Climate change and water sports join growing list of sea turtle threats

Sea turtles in Kenya are classified as protected by legislation that prohibits any form of direct exploitation of the animal or its products. Illegal harvesting is declining, but conservationists say their preservation is still an uphill task.

Midwest at greater risk for rolling blackouts

Electricity demand on the Midwest's grid is expected to be strong this summer, with hot weather and a growing economy sucking plenty of juice. At the same time, electricity supplies are tightening.

Three children die as scorching heatwave bakes Pakistan

A searing heatwave continued to bake most parts of Pakistan as temperatures soared up to 51 degrees Celsius (about 124 degrees Fahrenheit) on Saturday, meteorological officials and local media reported.

The Tesla effect: Snowmobiles, boats and mowers go electric

Snowmobiles, made by a start-up Canadian company, Taiga, are battery-powered — the first electric snowmobiles to be sold widely — and symbols of how conveyances of all kinds are migrating to emission-free propulsion.

When sand mining alters a river, flooding farmlands India

When sand mining alters a river, flooding farmlands India

Illegal extraction of sand in the Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh affects the course of the Spiti river and in turn, people's lives.Over-extraction of sand ...
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environmental justice

Op-Ed: Black gold and the color line

How historical racist redlining practices are linked to higher exposures to oil and gas wells.

Our mothers' gifts: Readers respond

Our mothers' gifts: Readers respond

We asked you to share one "big lesson" your mother gave. And you responded

Lake Mead

Dykstra: A corpse in a barrel in a drying reservoir

And other climate change tales for our age

A mother's gift

Gifts from our mothers

What one "big gift" did your mother give you? We want your story.

Bird photography

Earth Day 2022: Amidst the crises, don’t forget the beauty

Words and images from our founder, Pete Myers, on how bird photography keeps him connected to and curious about a planet in peril.

fracking pennsylvania

Public health in Pennsylvania ignored during fracking rush: Report

A new report outlines the alleged missteps in protecting Pennsylvanians from the health impacts of fracking.

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