It’s getting less appealing to drill for oil in the Arctic

It’s getting less appealing to drill for oil in the Arctic

Oil exploration in Norway’s Arctic seems to have lost some of its appeal after a disappointing drilling campaign.

Climate change: German Green Party supporters feel betrayed

There has been much dismay over the Green Party leadership's compromise with 'big coal' that led to the demolition of the village of Lützerath. Will this drive the environmentalist party to breaking point?
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Chapter 2: The Walled City

Every year, thousands of migrants arrive at the northern end of the African continent. Many have traveled for years, through jungle, farmland and the vast Sahara desert, hoping to cross into Europe, where they believe a better future awaits.

This snowplow driver just started his own service. But warmer winters threaten it

As the climate changes, winter is the fastest-warming season for much of the U.S., and New England is a hot spot. This year is no exception, and snowplow businesses are feeling the impacts.

fast food climate causes

How food labels can help tackle climate change

Sticking a “high climate impact” label on a burger made 23 percent more people choose a red-meat-free option.

climate impacts polar bears

Polar bear attack in Wales, Alaska, highlights climate change link

Scientists say climate change is forcing the Arctic carnivore to spend more time inland than in the past — raising the possibility of run-ins that could be dangerous both for humans and bears.

100 years of data shows warming from climate change in Boothbay Harbor

Maine’s Department of Marine Resources has maintained a hidden treasure in Boothbay Harbor for nearly 120 years — a daily measurement of sea surface temperatures, which provides an uncommonly long record of a warming ocean.

air quality climate health
Image by Foto-RaBe from Pixabay

Air quality can affect health. Climate change is worsening both

While heat is well-understood as a consequence of climate change, air quality is both cause and effect when it comes to the nexus with climate change.

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Paul Ehrlich

Paul Ehrlich: A journey through science and politics

In his new book, the famous scientist reflects on an unparalleled career on our fascinating, ever-changing planet.

oil and gas california environmental justice

Will California’s new oil and gas laws protect people from toxic pollution?

California will soon have the largest oil drilling setbacks in the U.S. Experts say other states can learn from this move.

popular stories 2022

Our 5 most popular reads from 2022

A corpse, woodworking dangers, plastic titans ... revisit the stories that stuck with our readers this past year.

Pittsburgh environmental

What I learned reporting on environmental health in Pittsburgh in 2022

For a lot of people, 2022 felt like the first “normal” year since 2020. It didn’t for me.

renewable energy at schools

Western Pennsylvania can meet its climate goals — if the region stops subsidizing natural gas

A new proposed plan would lead to a 97% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and create 15,353 new jobs by 2050.

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