Massive flooding in eastern Kentucky engulfs homes, leaves at least 8 dead

The death toll could rise into the double digits after a deluge submerged homes, swept away cars, and heavily damaged roads and other infrastructure.

Energy Transfer held criminally responsible for damage from Mariner East pipeline construction

Among other things, Energy Transfer will spend $10 million to restore waterways damaged by its construction.
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Is cricket sustainable amid climate change?

The warming of the earth, combined with the exhausting nature of the game, is raising questions about the future of the second most popular sport in the world.

Climate change stress is prematurely aging lizards

In the South of France, temperatures are accelerating so quickly that many newborn lizards enter the world with DNA that’s already damaged and aged.

We need more protected areas, but that's not all

New research supports efforts to designate more land and water to save biodiversity and fight climate change — but we need to protect better, as well as more.

Pakistan's mangroves are a coastal marvel

A far-reaching reforestation effort has dramatically turned the tide for a waterborne climate change warrior.
Historic climate bill faces state schism on clean energy
Photo by Anders J on Unsplash

Historic climate bill faces state schism on clean energy

The sweeping package that passed the Senate yesterday is raising several critical energy questions for the nation's climate future.

Washington tribes call on governor to reject clean energy project proposal

In a July 28 letter, most of the federally recognized tribes in Washington pushed the state to deny permits to a developer because its project along the Columbia River would mean the unavoidable destruction or damage to sites sacred to the area’s tribal nations.

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How Colorado is preventing PFAS contamination from the oil and gas industry

And how other states, including Pennsylvania, could do the same.

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PFAS: The latest toxic concern for those near fracking

The “forever chemicals” are used by the oil and gas industry, but a lack of transparency and accountability makes it impossible to know how widespread contamination could be.

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Op-ed: Reflections on the Supreme Court’s Decision in West Virginia v. EPA

Danger resides in the majority’s having invoked a sweeping “Major Questions Doctrine” to justify its decision in this relatively narrow case.

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Derrick Z. Jackson: Children will suffer the consequences of recent Supreme Court rulings

A rash of recent decisions by the high court will irreparably impact our children's health.

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Our annual summer reading list, 2022 edition

Happy 4th of July! Here's some summer reading picks from our staff.

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Centering biodiversity and social justice in overhauling the global food system

“The food system is the single largest economic sector causing the transgressing of planetary boundaries.”

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