Pennsylvania: Funds diverted from environment, energy funds to balance state budget

The final FY 2020-21 takes $201,977,000 from a dozen dedicated environmental and energy funds to help balance the state budget.

solar power schools

Solar power at Pennsylvania schools doubled during the pandemic

“If this growth continues, schools could set Pennsylvania up as a clean energy leader and not just the fossil fuels we’re known for.”

NORTH BRADDOCK, Penn.—On Wednesday evening, 10th grader Abby Wypych stood in front of Woodland Hills School District’s board and urged them to approve a feasibility study on installing solar panels.

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Sunrise in the woods

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Deadly Indian heatwave made 30 times more likely by climate crisis

Extreme temperatures and low rainfall in Southeast Asia have caused widespread suffering, including deaths, crop losses, forest fires, and cuts to power and water supplies.

henry cuellar  Jessica Cisneros climate

Texas runoff to settle moderate, pro-oil Democrat's fate

Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar is the most conservative Democrat in the House on a number of issues and one of the oil and natural gas industry’s top congressional allies.

Gas appliances cost Nevadans money and clean air, study says

A sustainability group is pushing for Nevada to embrace cleaner, more efficient alternatives as natural gas price in the state hit a 12-year high.

Hospitals connect climate change to health and health equity

Hospitals are increasingly making green efforts part of an overall strategy that acknowledges climate change as linked to health and health equity.

Rising sea levels are driving faster erosion along Senegal's coast

Coastal retreat in West Africa is a pressing problem. The contact between land and sea on coasts produces intense erosion and sedimentation processes.

EU backslides on U.N. biodiversity conservation goal, Eurostat says

The European Union progressed towards most of the United Nations' sustainable development goals over the last five years, but took a step back on the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity, the bloc's statistics office says.

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roe v. wade

Derrick Z. Jackson: Roe v. Wade draft bodes ill for air, wetlands and the EPA

Justice Alito’s longstanding consistency in wanting to restrict EPA authority makes it transparent where he wants the court to go.

environmental justice

Op-Ed: Black gold and the color line

How historical racist redlining practices are linked to higher exposures to oil and gas wells.

Our mothers' gifts: Readers respond

Our mothers' gifts: Readers respond

We asked you to share one "big lesson" your mother gave. And you responded

Lake Mead

Dykstra: A corpse in a barrel in a drying reservoir

And other climate change tales for our age

A mother's gift

Gifts from our mothers

What one "big gift" did your mother give you? We want your story.

Bird photography

Earth Day 2022: Amidst the crises, don’t forget the beauty

Words and images from our founder, Pete Myers, on how bird photography keeps him connected to and curious about a planet in peril.

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