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Ogallala Aquifer depletion & pork plant
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
texas oil wells gushing water
deep-water oil terminal safety
Indigenous languages lost to climate change
Credit: UNDP Climate/Flickr

Climate change is erasing crucial Indigenous languages

A recent report highlights how climate change is accelerating the loss of Indigenous languages, which hold vital ecological knowledge.

Kiley Price reports for Inside Climate News.

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Vermont sues Big Oil
Credit: The National Guard/Flickr

Vermont takes bold steps to combat climate change

Governor Phil Scott has allowed Vermont's groundbreaking climate legislation to pass without his signature, marking a pivotal moment in the state's environmental policy.

Emma Cotton reports for VTDigger.

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species decline and adaptations
Credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife/Flickr

Altering species to safeguard them

In a bid to save endangered wildlife, scientists explore "assisted evolution" techniques, challenging traditional conservation methods.

Emily Anthes reports for The New York Times.

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flooded traffic sign
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

A ranch, rewilded: the transformation of California's next state park

Floodplain restoration is one key way to make the Central Valley more resilient as climate change intensifies both flooding and drought.
puerto rico neighborhood
Photo by Hiram Santa on Unsplash

Puerto Rico is using residents’ home batteries to back up its grid

The yearlong pilot could be the first step in creating a residential-storage virtual power plant larger than any in North America.

In Georgia, a call for better protection of coastal marshes

In Georgia, coastal advocates are saying it's time update a 50-year-old law on protecting the half-million acres of salt marshes.
mobile homes can fight climate change
Credit: biggreg50/BigStock Phot ID: 437356304

How mobile homes can fight climate change.

In the wake of rising housing prices, mobile home residents are banding together to buy the land under their homes.