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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Impact of climate change on Indigenous communities documented in global study

Impact of climate change on Indigenous communities documented in global study

Indigenous and local communities' firsthand experiences with climate change are vividly detailed in a new extensive study.

Sonam Lama Hyolmo reports for Mongabay.

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Disaster disparities affect Western communities

Disaster disparities affect Western communities

Recent storms in Southern California indicate a future with more intense and infrequent precipitation, highlighting the risk of climate catastrophes.

Natalia Mesa reports for High Country News.

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Climate migration's billion-dollar question: Who manages the retreat?

Federal efforts to protect communities from climate disasters with buyouts and resilience projects are often fractured and poorly coordinated. Is there a better way?
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Coal industry faces 1 million job losses from global energy transition

The global coal industry may have to shed nearly 1 million jobs by 2050, even without any further pledges to phase out fossil fuels, with China and India facing the biggest losses, research shows.

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'False promise': DOE's carbon removal plans rankle community advocates

E&E News writer Jean Chemnick reports that the Biden administration has championed carbon removal projects as better neighbors than the pollution-spewing industries of the past. But the Department of Energy’s first two candidates for its $3.5 billion direct air capture program have conducted an opaque early outreach process in the disadvantaged Louisiana and Texas communities where the projects would be built, leaving residents feeling shut out.

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The era of climate migration is here, leaders of vulnerable nations say

Heads of climate-vulnerable nations gathered on the sidelines of a United Nations climate summit to call for new policies and agreements to manage the millions of people who are being forced from their homes by extreme weather.

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Climate migrants find a home in the Great Lakes Region

Hurricane refugees settle in Buffalo, New York, as researchers help communities plan for the future.