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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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sustainable cities
Credit: Corey Templeton/Flickr

Exploring the 15-minute city concept for sustainable urban living

The 15-minute city concept promotes healthier living through reduced car dependence and increased local engagement.

Claire Elise Thompson reports for Grist.

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air pollution global health
Credit: phil1401/Flickr

Politicians in Belgium urged to strengthen low emission zones

The Mutualités Libres insurance group and other experts advocate for enhanced clean air measures to counteract the dangers of air pollution.

Gary Fuller reports for The Guardian.

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Biden climate energy policy
Credit: Brett Ciccotelli/Flickr

Biden's aggressive new climate policy targets coal pollution

President Biden has introduced stringent regulations on coal power plants to reduce pollution and transition to cleaner energy sources.

Alex Guillén and Zack Colman report for Politico.

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Biden vehicle emissions rule
Credit: California Governor/Flickr

Biden's climate policy pushes for a greener future with new vehicle emissions rule

The Biden administration introduces strict emissions standards for cars, encouraging a shift to electric vehicles.

Maxine Joselow reports for The Washington Post.

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EPA power plant pollution rules
Credit: The White House/Flickr

EPA revises its approach to regulating natural gas plant emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency delays implementing emissions regulations for existing natural gas plants, opting for a more comprehensive review to include more pollutants.

Matthew Daly reports for the Associated Press.

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India's clean energy progress

India's clean energy ambitions blunted but rebounding

India faces a setback in its clean energy goals due to delays in solar projects, but hope remains for recovery.

Sibi Arasu reports for The Associated Press

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Kohei Saito degrowth consumption
Credit: giodilo/BigStock Photo ID: 287188630

Slow down, do less: A Q&A with the author who introduced 'degrowth' to a mass audience

Kohei Saito talks four-day work weeks, private jet bans, and what we gain from reducing consumption.