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More evidence of harmful health effects posed by gas stoves

New research further underscores the significant health risks associated with gas stove usage, especially in poorly ventilated kitchens.

Nate Seltenrich reports for Environmental Health Perspectives.

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gas stove efficiency & regulation
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The gas stove fight finally flames out

A new Energy Department regulation would modestly tighten efficiency requirements for some gas stoves.
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Biden to set efficiency standards for gas stoves amid GOP backlash

The Energy Department is poised to finalize modest new efficiency standards for gas and electric stoves and ovens, potentially saving consumers in power bills.
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The health impact of kitchen choices: Gas vs. induction cooking

In a comparison of gas stoves and induction cooktops, health concerns are brought to light, highlighting the potential risks of using gas stoves.

Michael J. Coren, John Farrell, Alice Li report for Washington Post.

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Berkeley's gas ban challenges

Berkeley, California, ambitious gas ban faces major setback, raising questions for similar initiatives nationwide

Berkeley's groundbreaking gas ban initiative has hit a major roadblock, leaving many wondering about the future of similar measures in other cities.

Akielly Hu reports for Grist.

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gas burner stove
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Gas cookers pump out toxic particles linked to childhood asthma, report finds

Scientists find average levels of nitrogen dioxide almost twice as high in homes cooking with gas as in those cooking without.

gas ban wars
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4 issues to watch in the gas ban wars

The nation’s long-simmering fight over natural gas bans is finding new battlefronts.