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Vermont climate accountability legislation
Credit: The National Guard/Flickr

Vermont enacts climate accountability legislation

Vermont's new bill holds high-emission companies accountable for climate-related damages.

Maura Barrett and Lucas Thompson report for NBC News.

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food waste climate driver
Credit: Stéphanie Vaudry/Flickr

How the world wastes an astonishing amount of food, in three charts

A recent UN report highlights how over a trillion dollars' worth of food is wasted annually, exacerbating climate change and food insecurity globally.

Sam Delgado reports for Vox.

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fossil fuel offshore drilling
Credit: U.S. Coast Guard/EPI2oh/Flickr

Oil companies pursue offshore drilling, touting lower emissions

Offshore drilling companies like Shell are increasing deepwater oil and gas extraction in the Gulf of Mexico, claiming it is a cleaner alternative than onshore operations due to reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Ivan Penn reports for The New York Times.

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Mexico's energy policy challenges climate commitments

Mexico's energy policy challenges climate commitments

Mexico’s continued reliance on state-run energy may hinder its climate goals, despite a proud history of oil nationalization.

Fabiola Sánchez reports for The Associated Press.

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European climate justice

Swiss seniors achieve a historic climate change legal victory in Europe

Europe's top human rights court recognizes the duty of nations to shield their citizens from climate change's harms, highlighted by a landmark win for Swiss senior women but dismisses a youth-led case on emission reductions.

Molly Quell and Raf Casert report for the Associated Press.

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Held v. Montana youth climate suit appeal
Credit: Mehaniq/BigStockPhotoID: 467940073

Montana's climate case draws industry support for the state's stance

Montana's high court is reviewing an appeal in the youth climate lawsuit, Held v. Montana, with significant backing from Republican leaders and business groups.

Blair Miller reports for the Daily Montanan.

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appeals court overturns coal lease ban
Credit: Kimon Berlin/Flickr

Federal appeals court overturns coal lease ban, affecting climate policy and energy production

A federal appeals court has lifted the moratorium on coal leasing from federal lands, potentially impacting future coal sales and climate change efforts.

Matthew Brown reports for The Associated Press.

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