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Arctic plastic pollution & climate
Credit: Markus Trienke/Flickr

Plastic pollution treaty talks yield mixed results for Arctic Indigenous communities

Despite global talks aiming to tackle plastic pollution, Arctic Indigenous communities return home to worsening plastic impacts without commitments to reduce plastic production.

Sonam Lama Hyolmo reports for Mongabay.

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global plastics negotiations arctic
Credit: Felton Davis/Flickr

Global plastics negotiations include a focus on Arctic Indigenous peoples' concerns

As world delegates prepare for a crucial U.N. meeting in Canada, Arctic Indigenous communities emphasize the urgent need to address plastic pollution impacting their health and environment.

James Bruggers reports for Inside Climate News.

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mine pollution international study
Credit: tinabelle/BigStock photo ID: 30407411

Canada and the US tackle mine pollution with an international study

After years of advocacy by the Ktunaxa Nation, Canada and the U.S. have agreed to an International Joint Commission inquiry into pollution from southeast B.C.'s Elk Valley coal mines.

Ainslie Cruickshank reports for The Narwhal.

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Inuit app traditional Indigenous knowledge
Credit: Markus Trienke/Flickr

Inuit app SIKU blends traditional knowledge with tech for environmental tracking

An innovative app developed by Inuit communities, SIKU, is redefining the integration of traditional knowledge and scientific data to empower Indigenous groups across the Arctic in environmental monitoring and decision-making.

Hannah Hoag reports for Hakai Magazine.

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bighorn sheep protections & pathogens
Credit: Adam Baker/Flickr

This B.C. bighorn sheep herd’s fight for survival

Between a mysterious illness, dangerous weather and vanishing habitat, a herd of bighorn sheep almost disappeared from Tobacco Plains Indian Band’s backyard. To bring them back means returning the land to how it looked generations ago.

illegal amazon gold mining
Credit: Carsten ten Brink/Flickr

The battle against illegal goldmining in the Amazon – in pictures

A year after Brazil’s president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, declared a humanitarian crisis among the Yanomami and vowed zero tolerance for illegal mining, environmental enforcers have said the progress since the ousting from the reservation of 80% of the wildcat miners is in jeopardy.

Brazilian Amazon freshwater threats
Credit: Eduardo Giacomazzi/Flickr

The waters of the Xingu: A source of life at risk of death

In Xingu Indigenous Park in the Brazilian Amazon, rivers and lakes are natural arteries that provide life for animals and Indigenous communities, serving as a base for eating, bathing, social interaction and refuge in times of drought.