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Great Southern Reef's kelp forests an underwater 'Amazon' that could help tackle climate change

New research finds seaweed forests have significant ability to capture and store carbon dioxide, which if restored, would have the carbon capture benefits of planting a billion trees.

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Is kelp the next ocean hero? Only if we can protect it

New research shows we’ve long underestimated the environmental benefits from kelp forests. Now these important ecosystems are threatened.
Kelp forests economic contributions

Kelp forests contribute $500 billion to global economy, study shows

New research suggests that kelp forests generate up to $562 billion each year by boosting fisheries productivity, removing harmful nutrients from seawater, and sequestering carbon dioxide.

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World’s at-risk kelp forests provide billions of dollars in benefits, study shows

The climate crisis, overfishing, invasions of voracious sea urchins and pollution are putting at risk the world’s kelp forests, threatening the economic benefits they provide and the huge array of species they support.

kelp forests offer quiet refuge from noisy seas

Do kelp forests offer quiet refuge from noisy seas?

As kelp forests decline, scientists worry sensitive sea creatures are losing a sanctuary from sonic overload
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The hidden underwater forests that could help tackle the climate crisis

Kelp absorbs carbon dioxide and has high nutritional value, but it is under threat from rising temperatures, pollution and invasive species.

Returning sea otters to Oregon could revive kelp forests

Returning sea otters to Oregon could revive kelp forests

Reintroduction of the marine mammals may restore coastal ecosystems but also threatens shellfish industries and tribal self-governance.