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Over-consumption and drought reduce lake in vital Spanish wetland to puddle

The largest permanent lake in Spain’s Doñana national park, one of Europe’s biggest and most important wetlands, has shrivelled to a small puddle as years of drought and overexploitation take their toll on the aquifer that feeds the area and sustains millions of migrating birds.

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European city to replicate ancient Iranian technology against heatwave

Scorching heat has hit many European cities this summer. To lower average temperatures, engineers in Spain’s Seville have come up with a way to replicate the ancient technology of the qanats, which Iranians created more than 1,000 years ago.

Pollution is threatening some of the world’s oldest rock carvings

Pollution is threatening some of the world’s oldest rock carvings

Scientists fear climate change and mining contamination could destroy Murujuga—Australia’s next UNESCO site—within a century.

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Ocean warming: UN weighs listing Great Barrier Reef as 'in danger'

The United Nations began a monitoring mission on the Great Barrier Reef Monday, assessing whether the World Heritage site is being protected from climate change as it suffers further widespread bleaching.

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Climate change is expected to hit heritage sites across Africa

Climate change is poised to impact not just our present but our history as well. According to the IUCN, climate change has now become “the most prevalent threat” to heritage sites around the world.

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Climate change could turn Iraq's marshes into barren wasteland

Iraq’s marshes, home to the country's famed Marsh Arab culture and a haven for migratory birds, are under threat from climate change, water scarcity and increasing water salinity, the United Nations said on Tuesday.

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Australia lobbied Unesco to remove reference to 1.5C global warming limit to protect heritage sites

Australia is trying to block a UN recommendation that countries should try to keep global heating to 1.5C to protect world heritage sites from the impacts of climate change.