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Wildfires in Canada worsen air quality across the U.S. Midwest

Wildfires in Canada worsen air quality across the U.S. Midwest

Wildfire smoke from Canadian blazes has dramatically worsened air quality across the Midwestern United States, permeating indoor environments despite efforts to keep it out.

Kiley Price reports for Inside Climate News.

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wildfire smoke long-term damage

Long-term health impacts of early smoke exposure explored through primate study

A primate research center in California provides insights into the lifelong health consequences of early exposure to wildfire smoke.

Jesse Nichols reports for Grist.

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wildfire smoke air pollution
Credit: Anthony Quintano/Flickr/Creative Commons

Wildfire smoke from Canada significantly worsened US air quality in 2023

Wildfire smoke crossing from Canada contributed to a spike in air pollution levels and negative public health outcomes.

Sachi Mulkey reports for Grist.

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SF bay air quality risks
Credit: Larry C Photography/BigStock Photo ID: 386386015

San Francisco Bay area homes face high air quality risks

Every home in the Bay Area is at high risk of experiencing poor air quality due to wildfires, a stark contrast to its status as one of the most expensive housing markets.

Christian Leonard reports for The San Francisco Chronicle.

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climate change air quality children
Credit: Dorieugene/Bigstock Photo ID: 323377723

Climate change threatens outdoor activities for children due to deteriorating air quality

A recent study reveals that climate change-induced heat waves and wildfires are negating progress in U.S. air cleanliness, jeopardizing outdoor safety for children.

Saul Elbein reports for The Hill.

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extreme weather & California wildfire
Credit: CAL FIRE_Official/Flickr

Book Review: ‘The Last Fire Season,’ by Manjula Martin

In a new book, Manjula Martin explores her accommodation to life in Northern California in an era of increasingly extreme weather.
Air pollution skin conditions
Credit: Photoholgic on Unsplash

Air pollution is ruining your skin

Wildfire smoke and exhaust fumes are triggering spikes in eczema and other skin conditions.