oil crops threaten biodiversity

That coconut oil you love? Species have gone extinct over it. True story

Palm oil isn't the only consumable oil that causes environmental damage, according to a new study.

Colorado River water cuts
Chris Dunphy/Flickr

State: Water cuts might be forced on Wyoming by 2025

Water users subject to the Colorado River Compact must prepare and consider voluntary conservation measures, state officials say.
Sunrise in the woods

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Report outlines threats to sagebrush sea, proposes priorities

High-level group discounts climate change as an immediate worry, recommends saving intact core areas from fire, cheatgrass and pines before restoring degraded landscapes.

Gas station owners, charging companies oppose Xcel Energy’s electric vehicle charging plan

"It's a sweet deal that they're getting to be able to use ratepayer money to build the stations and then recoup that through their guaranteed return on equity," said Ryan McKinnon, spokesperson for the Charge Ahead Partnership.

Typhoon Merbok spotlights Alaska's need for science and climate-resilient infrastructure

Damages wreaked by the historic storm draw attention to long-term needs for improvements in forecasting data and rural infrastructure.
checkered sculpin defies climate change
Matt Tillett/Flickr

Among the ‘last cold places,’ a fish defies climate change

The day was turning balmy, surging toward 80 degrees. But the water gliding down this unusual West Virginia waterway on a sun-drenched August morning remained a cool 62 degrees.

Hospitals and emissions: Congressional report outlines what providers are doing on climate change

Most said they are directing some resources to climate change. The health industry has faced growing scrutiny over its environmental impact.
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Chemical recycling grows  along with concerns of its impacts

Chemical recycling grows — along with concerns about its environmental impacts

Industry says chemical recycling could solve the plastic waste crisis, but environmental advocates and some lawmakers are skeptical.

Failure of the universities: The culture gap is now near lethal

Universities are failing us

Our educational systems are failing to prepare people for existential environmental threats

Shell's new petrochemical complex in southwestern Pennsylvania

The Titans of Plastic

Pennsylvania becomes the newest sacrifice zone for America’s plastic addiction.

Ruth Greenspan Bell: Wealth and the climate dilemma

Ruth Greenspan Bell: Wealth and the climate dilemma

Developing countries that increase their fossil fuel production are at a crossroads: securing their own long-term well-being or earning revenue to finance programs to support immediate economic growth.

Solving the climate crisis will help both ‘sacrifice zones’ and ‘cute’ puffins

Solving the climate crisis will help both ‘sacrifice zones’ and ‘cute’ puffins

Curbing pollution for families in Chicago calms the climatic conditions that drive fish away from puffins half a continent away.

puffin tern recovery climate change

Good news: A good year for puffins and terns, despite climate change

A visit to a remote Maine island finds puffins and terns rebounding despite climate change

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