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climate anxiety
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Coach for social change leaders offers support to overcome climate anxiety

"I want to live in a world where our society is structured such that we’re not in crisis mode all the time, where we’re not urgently running around exhausting ourselves."

Climate change is creating anxiety in a growing number of people.

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climate anxiety

¿Te sientes ansioso por el cambio climático? Los expertos dicen que no estás solo

Mahitha Ramachandran, estudiante de tercer año en Fox Chapel Area High School, tiene tan solo 16 años, pero lleva ya años preocupándose por el cambio climático.

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climate change kids

Cómo afrontar la inminente crisis de ansiedad climática

Cuanto más personas experimentan el cambio climático, o incluso escuchen sobre tormentas e incendios forestales, más se espera que afecte a su bienestar mental.

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climate anxiety

Feeling anxious about climate change? Experts say you're not alone

Mathitha Ramachandran, a junior at Fox Chapel Area High School, is only 16 years old but she's already spent years worrying about climate change.

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climate change kids
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​​How to address the looming crisis of climate anxiety

The more people experience climate change, or even hear about storms and wildfires, the more it is expected to impact their mental well-being.

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