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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Opinion: Patagonia’s Yvon Chouinard on the high stakes of low quality

The Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard on the price we pay for cheap things.
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Richest 1% account for more carbon emissions than poorest 66%, report says

‘Polluter elite’ are plundering the planet to point of destruction, says Oxfam after comprehensive study of climate inequality.

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These super shoes may help you win a race, but that comes with an environmental cost

The Adizero Adio Pro Evo 1 by Adidas aren’t built to last, but they do seem to get results. According to Caroline Staudt, the shoes come with a cost beyond the $650 price tag. The shoes are only meant to last for a single marathon.
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Emissions are a rich people problem

Efforts to curb climate change are failing. That's mostly due to the staggering contributions of the global elite.
Plastic or paper drinking straws
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Plastic or paper? The truth about drinking straws

The backlash against single-use plastics has seen a growing market for paper, metal, glass and plant-based straws. But is the choice between them really a simple one?
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Fashion’s efforts to go green cancelled out by shopaholics

Wrap report says 12% reduction in carbon impact negated by 13% rise in textiles produced and sold.

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The climate and us: resilient health

Our health care systems are already struggling to cope with a changing climate. Can we create health systems fit for the future?