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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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New York state considers cutting ties with major oil companies

New York state considers cutting ties with major oil companies

New York State is on the brink of divesting over $1 billion from major oil companies, marking a significant move in fossil fuel divestment.

Nicholas Kusnetz reports for Inside Climate News.

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From London to New York: Can quitting cars be popular?

Cities around the world reveal surprising truths about getting the public on board with cutting car-use.
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How to build a wind farm off the coast of New York

South Fork Wind, the first large-scale offshore wind farm to supply electricity to U.S. consumers, may have more company one day. For now, see how the construction is wrapping up.
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Snakes, spores and sewage: Life in the N.Y.C. neighborhood ‘the Hole’

The small neighborhood on the border of Brooklyn and Queens has a colorful history but an uncertain future because of climate change.
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Why some New Yorkers may soon feel the effect of ocean winds

The wind-power industry may be facing a crisis, but huge turbines going up off Long Island could be producing electricity for homes before 2023 ends.
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Millions of US homes are so overheated they open their windows in the winter. Why?

In a climate emergency as energy prices spiral, tens of millions of Americans are probably opening their windows all winter to let cold air in because their homes are too well heated. Why on earth is it this way?

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How upstate New York farmers are fighting climate change

Warmer winters, heavier rain present challenges for upstate farmers confronting a changing environment.