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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Trump vows to dismantle Biden’s electric vehicle policies
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The UK’s great disappearing energy summit

The British government announced plans for a global Ukraine-themed energy security summit last summer. Then it went quiet.
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Azerbaijan is expected to host the U.N. Climate Summit in 2024

The next United Nations climate change summit appears set to take place in Azerbaijan, a spokesman for the country said Saturday, resolving a bitter, monthslong political standoff over which nation should host the talks in 2024.

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Fossil fuels take center stage in climate talks amid rising concerns

Campaigners report a significant increase in fossil fuel industry representation at this year's UN climate talks, with delegate numbers quadrupling from the previous year.

Matt McGrath reports for the BBC.

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Paris summit aims to shake up the financial system. It will test leaders' resolve on climate

Heads of state, finance leaders and activists from around the world will converge in Paris this week to seek ways to overhaul the world’s development banks — like the International Monetary Fund and World Bank — and help them weather a warmer and stormier world.

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U.N. COP26 climate summit should be delayed, activists say, citing vaccine inequity, costs, pandemic risks

A coalition of activists from around the globe on Tuesday called for the postponement of a major United Nations climate summit this fall in Scotland, saying a combination of vaccine inequity, exorbitant lodging costs and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic could exclude important voices — particularly those of people from small and developing nations hit hardest by global warming.

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EU summit: COVID, climate change top second-day agenda

EU leaders turned their attention to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the urgent problem of climate change on the second day of a special meeting of the European Council.

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Denmark makes the most of its brief moment at the climate summit

At the climate summit last week, Denmark's prime minister spoke about a clean energy island, and it wasn't a metaphor.