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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Ethiopia Blue Nile hydroelectric dam

Egypt angry as Ethiopia fills Nile dam reservoir amid water row

Ethiopia's giant hydroelectric dam on the Blue Nile stokes Egyptian fears of dire water shortages.
Utah officials sued over failure to save Great Salt Lake

Utah officials sued over failure to save Great Salt Lake: ‘Trying to avert disaster’

Environmental and community groups have filed lawsuit as the water body shrinks from overuse, hastening its demise.

protecting DC-area water supplies

Work underway to protect water supplies in DC, Virginia

Growing industrial and residential demands on water supplies, combined with the potential for contamination and ongoing climate variability, mean no water source is immune from crisis.

Nebraska groundwater protections

Officials say state law likely protects Nebraska groundwater from raids by parched western states

Officials say existing state law likely protects ample Nebraska groundwater from raids by parched western states.
colorado river water allocations

The Federal Bureau of Reclamation announces reduced water cuts for Colorado River states

This year’s ‘above-average precipitation’ will allow for less extensive water cuts for Arizona, Nevada and Mexico next year, but negotiations continue over big reductions in the future.

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Indigenous land flooded by dams

More than 1m acres of Indigenous land flooded by dams, new study finds

Land dispossession and depravation was a mainstay strategy used by settler colonials to divide and disempower communities.

infrastructure budget cuts Congress

Funding poised to dry up for water projects in Ohio and other states if proposed budget cuts become law

A House proposal looks for deep cuts to infrastructure programs, slashes environmental justice funding and more.