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SCOTUS environmental rollbacks
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
New geothermal systems may be key to sustainable buildings
Curtis' win in conservative Utah could influence GOP climate stance
Rising ocean temperatures
Credit: Wayne S. Grazio/Flickr

Rising ocean temperatures signal potential global disruptions

As oceans warm at unprecedented rates, experts fear widespread ecological impacts.

Katrin Bennhold, David Gelles and Raymond Zhong report for The New York Times.

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ocean waves

Facing a cold shock: How melting ice could alter global climates and raise sea levels

A recent study raises alarms about the potential catastrophic effects of climate change on the Atlantic Ocean's temperature and ecosystems.

Brian Resnick reports for Vox.

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AMOC ocean circulation collapse
Credit: Rover_Thor/Flickr

Climate simulation raises alarm over potential ocean circulation collapse

A recent study by René van Westen showcases how melting Arctic freshwater could disrupt the Atlantic Ocean's circulation, potentially leading to abrupt climate changes.

Sarah Kaplan reports for The Washington Post.

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Oceans &  record warming

Our oceans are the warmest in recorded history. This is why it's so concerning

How are our oceans being affected by rising global temperatures? From the threat of a disruption to a vital ocean circulation, to La Niña and El Niños, to the poles, we take a look at how they are changing.
climate atlantic ocean shift rain
Image by T Mannis from Pixabay

Climate change: A drastic shift in Atlantic Ocean currents could leave Chicago high and dry

Some scientists worry that a shutdown of an important system of oceanic currents called the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation could push Chicago’s precipitation farther south.
Is a mega-ocean current about to shut down? 4 things to know
Photo by Owen Rupp on Unsplash

Is a mega-ocean current about to shut down? 4 things to know

An enormous ocean current that warms some continents and cools others as it snakes around the world could collapse decades earlier than scientists predicted. It would be a dire outcome that disrupts weather patterns in nearly every place on Earth.

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Mathematical alarms climate tipping points

Mathematical alarms could help predict and avoid climate tipping points

A new study finds that mathematical tools can find early warning signals that can accurately predict climate tipping points.